Dear colleagues and friends,

I am very glad to invite you to take participation in the Eighth International Conference on Radiation in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2020 Conference), which will be held at the Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, in the period from June 15 to June 19, 2020.

Although the conference title contains only radiation, the research areas represented at RAD 2020 conference are much wider. Look at the conference topics, and we are absolutely sure that you will find some interesting topics that match your scientific interests.

This destination will certainly be very convenient for you because there are Tivat and Dubrovnik airports that are about one-hour drive away from Herceg Novi (Dubrovnik airport is very attractive because it has a lot of flights). Please check flights to Tivat and Dubrovnik, since we will arrange the shuttles from / to these two airports.

Please note that the number of rooms in the Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort (about 200 rooms) is much lower than the expected number of participants. As a result, all available rooms may be booked much earlier before the conference (as it was the case at the previous conference, RAD 2019, when all the rooms were sold out by March 30).

When planning your participation and traveling to RAD 2020, please keep in mind that the conference sessions will last from Monday, June 15, morning, to Friday, June 19, 2020, in the afternoon.

Our motto is that every established contact is very important for further research and work. Due to their specific atmosphere, RAD conferences are the right place for establishing contacts with colleagues from around the world, which will enable you to continue socializing and cooperating.

Do not miss this great opportunity to participate in a very unique conference! If you are in a good mood and friendly, this is certainly the right place for you! We want, through relaxed atmosphere, to allow participants to present their research and to attract other participants for it.

RAD Conferences are well-known as very good opportunities to pick up new knowledge, contacts and friendships!

Our RAD team will make you feel comfortable at the conference and be at your disposal!

I hope that you will take this opportunity and come to Herceg Novi!

Please like conference page on Facebook:, where all new information will be published.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Goran Ristić,
Chairman of RAD 2020 Conference